Did you ever imagine a look, then put it on and feel overwhelmed? This is my least favourite situation. This happens most often when I’m running late or in a rush. Many of us will abandon our outfits when we find ourselves in this situation. Then it’s back to square 1. It doesn’t have to be that way with the right fashion tips. If you find a new outfit that is the bomb, don’t worry!

If you feel like I do and you sometimes feel there is nothing in your closet, then the fire look you imagined is impossible. This rule is not something I use all the time. It’s not something I do every day. Sometimes it’s impossible to use. Before I explain why let’s first discuss the eight-point rule.

What is the Eight-Point Rule of Success?

The eight-point rule can be described as a system to help you nail your outfit. To calculate your total, you will need to count every accessory and piece in your outfit. Your goal is to score between 6-8 points. Your outfit might be too big once you reach 8 points. Anything below 6 could be considered too small.

Although it sounds easy, there are some situations in which I might not count certain things. Some situations are not so difficult to go under or over. This is why I have attached two photos and outfits to illustrate it.

Outfit 1

So, in the first photo and the outfit, we have 8 points. This total was calculated by adding the glasses, jewellery (my bracelets and rings), purse, shirt, belt, jeans, shoes, and belt to the glasses. Everything in this look, except the cropped black graphic shirt, is at one point. Because the t-shirt is bolder, This crop top is black and features a unique graphic.

It’s best to mark bold colours with two points: bright colours, patterns, or graphics. My shirt would be one-point if it were a plain black crop top with zebra print trousers. The rest of the look is simple and neutral. However, not all outfits will be as straightforward. This brings us to the second image and look.

Outfit 2

Outfit 2 I go over by 1 point. But I won’t be wearing this look every time. These photos were taken outside, so I wore sunglasses. This gives me an extra point. However, the glasses were not worn when I was inside, so my total score is now 8 points. In this situation, being above 8 points is not a big deal. My outfit with sunglasses is 9 points.

It might seem too much if I wore this outfit, but I would swap the white bodysuit for a cow print one. This look would contain too many elements. This is the first situation that can be slightly confusing. This second situation is about hair, make-up and accessories.

Points for Non-Clothing Items

My make-up was natural and minimal as I sat down at the coffee shop with a friend to work. Therefore, I didn’t add any points to my make-up. Because a braid is a complicated hairstyle, I added one to my hair. This is where it gets tricky. If you don’t wear a braid every single day, it might not be bold enough for you. You need to consider your style and your preferred look. My naturally curly hair and someone with straightened hair is not worthy of a point. A braid, pigtails and half-up/half-down are all good options.

The jewellery is also worth talking about. Two points were added to my look for all of the jewellery I made. It was the necklace in gold, two bracelets and three rings. I wear three rings and two bracelets daily, considering them one point. It wouldn’t be fashion faux pas if they made me count them as 9 points. The outfit wouldn’t be too bold or too extravagant. The gold necklace was awarded an additional point in this situation. This necklace elevates my outfit but is not part of my everyday jewellery.

It is important to choose the right location.

Recognizing your audience is also crucial. It’s not always appropriate or easy to reach for an 8-point outfit in an office setting. A six is fine in this situation. Don’t worry if you fall below a six in the boring zone. Sometimes work attire can be boring.

You might exceed the eight-point limit in a concert or themed party. Bolder outfits can be appropriate and better fit the setting. Although the eight-point rule works well for most occasions and days, it is not always appropriate for all occasions.

Eight-Point Rule + Outfit Conclusion

These two looks are cute and have the perfect point total. They were both not boring as they scored above 6 points and weren’t too bold as they each scored below 9 points. The sunglasses aren’t too distracting, but they don’t make them look less interesting. The sunglasses look an extra 9 points, making it not too bold.

If you feel that a look is too boring, add a bold purse or jewellery. You can take off jewellery if the look is too overwhelming. You can also change your bold top or pants to something more neutral.

Get more fashion tips and inspiration.

I love the eight-point rule. It makes styling a great outfit so much easier. It is also very easy to follow and takes only minutes to add up the total. Let me know if you use this point system! I love to hear from you guys, and I’m happy that you found the information I shared useful. Stay tuned to my blog for more fashion tips. You can catch up on my 31 Days of Outfits blog posts by clicking.

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