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Your screen-printing or crafting business will determine the type of t-shirt you should use. You may find that some fabric or screen-printing options are more beneficial for your bottom line. You might also be looking for a new type of t-shirt to suit your changing business needs.

T-shirts can have different fabric and garment constructions, which can lead to different quality results. The price of your project, the desired quality and how you prefer the fabric to feel will determine which t-shirt you select. Poly-blends and synthetic fibers are more durable than natural fibers. Because different fabrics have different expiration dates, a blend will only last as long as the parts. This is not always true. A synthetic fabric blend might be more suitable for your project. Synthetic blends can have greater elasticity and breathability. Your goals will dictate the type of fabric you choose.

There are many factors that influence the quality of tee-shirts. However, there are four main ones: the fabric used; how a screen printing method was applied; and what garment construction is most suitable for your needs. If the screen printing application and ink are exceptionally well done, you may choose a cheaper fabric. However, it doesn’t matter how well-made the print is if it can’t withstand constant wear.

The fiber lengths and the weaves of different types of cotton are dependent on their type. Fabrics will last longer if they are longer and more tightly woven. Fabric’s softness, density, and weight are the key to long-lasting quality.

What are the most important things to remember about customized t-shirt design quality? Here are some tips:

  • Learn about the fabric’s durability and breathability.
  • You can check the image quality and the details embroidered.
  • Learn how to wash and care for t-shirts.
  • Examine the hems, seams and stitches to find missing threads both inside and out of the garment.
  • Count the stitches on a garment. The more stitches, the more time it took to construct.
  • How will the fabric resist screen printing, polyester or fleece? cotton, triblends?

These are three quality levels from Clothing Shop Online that can help you choose the right t-shirt.


  1. Good

You might be gifting a shirt to a friend, or making crafts with your children. You might be making a t-shirt to commemorate an event or a special occasion. You may be searching for a basic t-shirt for your home-made craft project. These t-shirts are not likely to be worn as often as necessary for screen printing, so they may not be as durable or as soft. There are many low-cost options for craft activities that fit your budget.

  • Low Price Range Several affordable t-shirts are available in the $1.99-$3.99 range. They can be purchased for a family. Clothing Shop Online offers many budget options from companies such as BELLA + CAVAS, Gildan and Anvil, Fruit of the Loom and Alternative.
  • 100% Cotton Shirts: These t-shirts may be less soft than tri-blends and may shrink if not used properly. However, 100% cotton t-shirts are more durable and won’t shrink as fast as other fabrics.
  • Quarter-turned is a process in textile manufacturing that rotates 1/4 turn to place a crease on a product’s side instead of its front. This eliminates the ridge that runs down the front of a shirt and can cause it to drape strangely.
  • Shirt Fittees tend to be unisex or box-fit and don’t conform to the body.
  • These brands offer budget-friendly tees that include all the above features.
  • Gildan T-Shirt in Heavy Cotton – 5000
  • Hanes – ComfortSoft(r), Short Sleeve T-Shirt – 5280
  • Fruit of the Loom- HD Cotton Short Sleeve T Shirt – 3930R

There are many fashion basics that you can choose from if you need a t-shirt with better quality to screen print on or embroider. These are the main characteristics of t-shirts made from better quality materials:

  • Mid Price Range: Clothing Shop Online offers a range of mid-priced fashion basics in the $4.00- $8.99 range. These are ideal for customers who want to keep their costs down while still getting a high-quality product. Alternatives include Jerzees and BELLA + CAVAS, Burnside and C2 Sport. FeatherLite, Comfort Colors and Champion are all mid-range options.
  • Tri Blend fabrics can be made from polyester, cotton, or rayon and offer a better quality t-shirt. Triblends combine the flexibility of polyester with the comfortability and durability of cotton. This blend has a lovely drape thanks to Rayon, making it ideal for yoga pieces and higher-end fashion separates.
  • Ring-Spun cotton is much more soft than 100% cotton. Because its cotton fibers are twisted and thinned in a way that makes them more durable than yarn, this is why. This cotton option is renowned for its softness and durability during washing. In general, screen printing often looks better on 100% ring-spun cotton.
  • Side-Seams Run your hands down the sides of your t-shirts. Side-seams are more expensive to make because they better conform to your body.
    • Three options for mid-range tee-shirts:
    • BELLA+ CANVAS Unisex Texture Tee – 3650
    • Gildan, Heavy Cotton Three-Quarter Raglan Sleeve Baseball Tee – 5700
    • Anvil Triblend Raglan Sleeve T Shirt – 6755


  1. Best

Because employees need to wear uniforms every day, such as those working in restaurants or grocery stores, and for special events, businesses tend to select the highest-quality tshirts. The best quality fabrics, screen printing and embroidery techniques are used by bands and sports teams to create their t-shirts. This allows them to charge top dollar for the end product.

  • High Price range: T-shirts priced at $9.00+ can be more expensive for branded products, as they often have higher-end fabrics that cost more to produce. The best fabrics and finishes are more durable, have the best draping, and offer new technologies.
  • Durability:Shirts in this category can be used for screen printing, water-based printing and sublimation. You want your designs to last if you invest in printing techniques and ink. The quality of ink that adheres to fabric can often dictate how long your designs last after repeated washings. Fabrics that are able to withstand increased activity, such as t-shirts for activewear and work uniforms, will be required.
  • Features that are special:
    • Sports and outdoor-hiking clothing that is moisture-wicking
    • Polyester blends
    • Anti-odor technology (activewear, uniforms)
    • Side Seams/ Retail fit (band tees and company branding)
    • The latest fabric technologies
  • These t-shirts are high-quality and offer superior quality fabrics, specialized features and durability. They also have better fittings.
    • BELLA+ CANVAS – Jersey Henley – 3150
    • Hanes Cool Dri Long Sleeve Performance Tshirt – 482L
    • LAT Adult Baseball Fine Jersey Tee – 6930


No matter what your printing requirements may be, you should consider the following details when choosing which t-shirt to buy individually or in bulk. There are many fabric options available if you want to reduce costs and save money on other business expenses.

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